Ji-In Jung

Hi, I'm a Ph.D. candidate in Geophysics at Stanford University and a NASA FINESST Fellow advised by Prof. Sonia Tikoo .

Research Interests

#Lunar Dynamo 🌕 🌕 Lunar Dynamo
A mechanism of the generation of magnetic fields on the Moon.

#Impact Cratering ☄ Impact Cratering
A process that forming craters on the planetary surfaces by asteroids.

#Paleomagnetism 🧲 🧲 Paleomagnetism
The study of the record of ancient planetary magnetic fields in rocks.

#Rock Magnetism 🪨 🪨 Rock Magnetism
The study of magnetic properties of rocks and minerals

#Lunar Spectroscopy 🛰 🛰 Lunar Spectroscopy
The study of the lunar composition through the analyis of lights reflected or emitted by its surface


🎓 PhD in Geophysics, 2025
Stanford University (Exp.)
🎓 MSc in Geoscience, 2020
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
🎓 BSc in Geology, 2018
Chungnam National University

Research Projects

Lunar Dynamo Evolution

Minerals in Apollo Samples

Impact Cratering and Paleomagnetism

Lunar Spectroscopy


will be released soon

Selected Awards

NASA   Future Investigators in NASA Earth and Space Science and Technology (FINESST)   2021 - 2024   📰

Korea    The Korean Government Scholarship Program for Study Overseas (KGSPSO)   2018 - 2020

KSEEG    President's Award of the Korean Society of Economic and Environmental Geology   2018

CNU    Global Human Resource Scholarship, Chungnam National University   2016 - 2017

Teaching Experience

GEO 100
Introduction to the Earth
Lab Section Leader
19 Spr, 19 Sum, 19 Aut, 20 Spr
Univ. Wisconsin Milwaukee

GEO 120
Geology of the Planets
Teaching Assistant
19 Spr, 20 Spr
Univ. Wisconsin Milwaukee

GEO 316
Introduction to Geophysics
Teaching Assistant
18 Aut
Univ. Wisconsin Milwaukee

KOREAN 102 & 201
Intro & Inter Korean
Teaching Assistant
16 Win 16 Aut
Univ. Alberta Edmonton